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Flashitos by World Decks!

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Flashitos! The fun learning cards for students, teachers, travelers, and businesspeople.

  • SET A: Clothes vocabulary. Food vocabulary. Present tense verbs.
  • SET B: Food vocabulary. Transportation vocabulary. Colors vocabulary. Weather vocabulary. Numbers vocabulary.
  • SET C: Days of the week vocabulary. Months vocabulary. Seasons vocabulary. Time and numbers vocabulary. Past tense verbs.
  • SET D: Beach vocabulary. City vocabulary. House vocabulary. Restaurant vocabulary. Articles and future tense verbs.
  • SET E: Classroom vocabulary. Money vocabulary. Occupations vocabulary. Countries vocabulary. Imperative tense verbs (French) or ser/estar verbs (Spanish).
  • SET F: Airport vocabulary. Animals vocabulary. Family vocabulary. Near future tense verbs (French) or continuous tense verbs (Spanish).
  • SET G: Family vocabulary. Nature vocabulary. Sports vocabulary. Music vocabulary. Holiday vocabulary.
  • SET H: Bathroom vocabulary. Body vocabulary. Electronics vocabulary. Subjunctive tense verbs (French) or past participles (Spanish).
  • SET I: Rooms (in the house) vocabulary. Society vocabulary. Adjectives. Conditional tense verbs.
  • SET J: Prepositions. Regular and irregular verbs. Greetings vocabulary. Conjunctions. Imperfect tense verbs.

Each deck contains 52 flashcards of common vocabulary. On one side, each card has an English word and its illustration; flip it to see the word in a foreign language, or vice-versa.

Flashcards are a simple but trusted method to memorize new words and phrases; colorful illustrations make memorization even easier. Each deck focuses on specific vocabulary areas and, often, one type of verb conjugation. They correspond with other products sold by Quarterhouse, including its line of classroom charts. Teachers, hang the bilingual charts on your walls before sending your students home with flashcards to memorize what they saw in class.

Perfect for both teachers of a foreign language and ESL, in addition to adults who need to learn a new language for work, travel, or pleasure. Colorful, fun, and for all ages: Get yours today!


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