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Quarterhouse Cursive Alphabet Line for Classroom Wall - Spanish (Multicolor), Set of 9, 18 x 6 Inches

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Quarterhouse Education presents its Beginner Spanish Fundamentals Poster Sets for children and students. An excellent tool for passive learning and motivation in the classroom or at home!

Colorfully illustrated, our posters make learning and teaching easy by going to the core of certain Spanish themes, such as:

  • Regular AR, ER, and IR Spanish verb conjugations;
  • Hellos and goodbyes, formalities, and introductory questions;
  • Physical locations of people, objects, and things;
  • The ABCs, including special Spanish characters (Ch, Ll, and Ñ).

Packed with care and shipped in large, durable mailers, our posters are easy to unroll and hang with tape, tack, or thumb pins. Framing and lamination are simple, too.

The Beginner Spanish Fundamentals Poster Sets will make an excellent addition to your learning environment, whether your child is a preschooler, K-12 student, homeschooler, or temporary distance learner. Try a pack today.

Thank you, Spanish teachers!

  • Made-in-the-USA 18 x 6-inch alphabet charts for K-12 Spanish classrooms
  • Printed on high-grade 100-pound cover weight paper for Spanish and ESL teachers and students
  • Gray and white background; multicolor font; each of 9 strips is 18 x 6 inches (13.5 feet of total length)
  • Aa; Bb; Cc; Ch-ch; Dd; Ee; Ff; Gh; Hh; Ii; Jj; Kk; Ll; Ll-ll; Mm; Nn; Ññ; Oo; Pp; Qq; Rr-rr; Ss; Tt; Uu; Vv; Ww; Xx; Yy; Zz
  • Phonetic pronunciation guides


Cover-weight paper

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8 x 12 inches

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